Month: May 2019

Mortgage annuity loan, by the end of the year the regulation

Countdown on the lifetime mortgage loan . Because by the end of the year the implementing regulation that governs it will be published. The assurances come from the Mise – the Ministry of Economic Development – which guarantees that the publication of the regulation implementing the rule revised in March 2015 will respect the deadline Read More

Borrow money for renovation work

Is your house ready for a refurbishment? Or do you want to take energy-saving measures? Renovation work is expensive and not everyone has money ready to invest in it. With a renovation loan you can pay for all these things. All renovation work is permitted. A new kitchen can easily cost thousands to more than Read More

Choices that will surely help you save money

In the midst of the daily rush, we sometimes do not realize how much we spend in everyday things, such as the bath that is taken or the water that is drunk. This lack of control, willing or not, raises monthly expenses, turns spending into habit, and damage usually reveals when the bill arrives. If Read More