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Ways to improve your credit standing

We will not receive credit without creditworthiness. This ability is nothing more than the borrower’s ability to pay his debts on time. This factor is taken into account first when considering the loan application. It happens that we have negative entries and problems with obtaining a loan. What to do in that case? How can Read More

Credit comparator

Would you like to take a bank loan, but you don’t know which offer will be best for you? You can not analyze the cost of credit yourself? Credit Comparer is a tool that will allow you to make the right decision. Thanks to it you will get information on the cost of the loan Read More

Calculating a loan: tips to lend money wisely

Every month thousands of people search online for ‘loan calculation’, looking for a loan that suits them. Most loans are taken out for a car or home improvement. A loan always has financial consequences Not everyone is aware of this when comparing loans. A study by the Ubod, for example, shows that about half of Read More

Mini Credit, a small loan

Missing less than a month at Christmas and therefore, no excuses. The time has come to make gifts and ask for a specific type of financing. With the Mini Credit loan from United Loan it is possible to request small and short-term amounts for maxi gifts. The United Loan personal loan in mini format grants Read More

Mortgage annuity loan, by the end of the year the regulation

Countdown on the lifetime mortgage loan . Because by the end of the year the implementing regulation that governs it will be published. The assurances come from the Mise – the Ministry of Economic Development – which guarantees that the publication of the regulation implementing the rule revised in March 2015 will respect the deadline Read More

Borrow money for renovation work

Is your house ready for a refurbishment? Or do you want to take energy-saving measures? Renovation work is expensive and not everyone has money ready to invest in it. With a renovation loan you can pay for all these things. All renovation work is permitted. A new kitchen can easily cost thousands to more than Read More